SCANDLE Workshop: Making Sense of Sound 2012

SCANDLE held a workshop in Plymouth (Feb 2012) entitled: Making Sense of Sounds: How much can we learn about what is going on in the world simply by listening.

Living organisms constantly generate sonic cues about their presence as they move and interact with the world around them. One of the aims of the SCANDLE project has been to explore what can we tell about their behaviour or state of mind through the sounds they emit, or modulate, as they act and interact with the environment?

The workshop discussed many aspects of sound processing, including sound perception in natural systems (humans and animals), the use of sounds to probe the environment (bio-sonar), computational modelling of auditory processing, and the development of bio-inspired real-time sound processing systems. 

The full programme can be found here and talks will be available for streaming shortly.
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Speakers at the conference included:
The final evening of the workshop included public demonstrations, live music and a key note speech by Professor Andreas Andreou, entitled: A Journey Through Sound.
Photos from poster session and public event
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