SCANDLE Publications

Publications produced by the SCANDLE project.

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Characterising switching behaviour in perceptual multi-stability File
Characterising stimulus-specific adaptation using a multi-layer field model File
Dynamic State and Parameter Estimation applied to Neuromorphic Systems File
Real-time inference in a VLSI spiking neural network File
Function approximation with uncertainty propagation in a VLSI spiking neural network File
Evidence from auditory and visual event-related potential (ERP) studies of deviance detection (MMN and vMMN) linking predictive coding theories and perceptual object representations File
Multistability in auditory stream segregation: a predictive coding view. File
A wireless architecture for distributed sensing/actuation and pre-processing with microsecond synchronization File
A Multimodal-Corpus Data Collection System for Cognitive Acoustic Scene Analysis File
Gait-Based Person And Gender Recognition Using Micro-Doppler Signatures File
Human action categorization using ultrasound micro-Doppler signatures File
Modulation frequency difference acts as a primitive cue for auditory stream segregation File
Perceptual bi-stability in auditory streaming: How much do stimulus features matter? File
Different roles of proximity and predictability in auditory stream segregation File
Tell me something interesting: Context dependent adaptation in somatosensory cortex File
Emergent auditory feature tuning in a real-time neuromorphic VLSI system. File
A Device Mismatch Compensation Method for VLSI Neural Networks File
A Combinational Digital Logic Approach to STDP File
Evaluating On-Chip Interconnects for Low Operating Frequency Silicon Neuron Arrays File
Computationally Efficient Classification of Human Transport Mode Using Micro-Doppler Signatures File
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