Martin Coath

Martin Coath. B.Sc. M.Sc. Ph.D. MBCS; Post-doctoral Research Fellow - University of Plymouth.

Martin Coath

I am a post doctoral research fellow on the SCANDLE project based at the University of Plymouth.

My first degree was in Chemistry. For 20 years I was a programmer, musician, teacher, and craftsman before taking the time to do an M.Sc. in computational intelligence. As a result I was offered a research post at the University of Plymouth on a project investigating hearing and learning (ALAVLSI), later on a project more focussed on music perception (EmCAP), and another that focussed more on cortical modelling (COLAMN).

My current work involves developing software models of plasticity (learning) in recurrently connected populations of spiking neurons. These models represent the thalamus and cortex and the connections both within and between these areas of the brain, this is called "Work Package 1" inside the SCANDLE project. The aim is to move these software models, which require lots of processing power in a PC or a bank of PCs, to neuromorphic hardware which will be able to do the same things in real time and be embedded in portable devices.

There are quite a few odd places on the web with further stuff about me, but for simplicity I try to keep an up to date portal. To get to all the detailed stuff just click on the picture of me at the top of this page or here.

Here are some recent papers (just click here).






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