Symposium on Perceptual Bistability - Cognition at Christmas X

A one day symposioum taking place in Budapest on December 15, 2010

This symposium is co-organized by Istvan Winkler and Tamas Bohm, a talk would be presented by Sue Denham, and several other SCANDLE researchers plan to participate.

If you are interested, please register with the organizers before the 10th of December.

Tamas Bohm can be contacted at

Home page (program, abstracts):

Preliminary program:

11:00 Ilona Kovács & István Winkler - Perceptual bistability

12:00 Jochen Braun - Why visual perception is multi-stable

13:00-14:00 /lunch/

14:00 Raymond van Ee - Choices, switches, and priming in perceptual bistability

15:00 Daniel Pressnitzer - A mid-level framework for auditory bistability

16:00-16:30 /coffee/

16:30 Susan Denham - The role of stimulus features in auditory bistability

17:30 Shihab Shamma - Temporal coherence and attention in auditory scene analysis

18:30-19:00 - Discussion


Organizers: Ilona Kovacs, Istvan Winkler, Tamas Bohm

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