Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Microelectronic Engineering, University of Western Sydney

A Microelectronics lecturer post at UWS. Three postdoc positions also to be advertised shortly.

André van Schaik has just started a new research group at the University of Western Sydney on Bioelectronics and Neuroscience (www.uws.edu.au/bens). The group is a collaboration between the Schools of Engineering, Medicine, and Biomedical and Health Science. Theyhave projects ranging from neurophysiology to neuromorphic aVLSI. In addition to the people listed on the site, Prof. Jonathan Tapson will be joining soon from UCT.

The School of Engineering is advertising a continuing position as Lecturer or Senior Lecturer for a Microelectronics Engineer. While the opening is for generic microelectronics, Neuromorphic engineers are being encouraged to apply. 
They will also be advertising for three postdoctoral positions in the next month or so: one in neurophysiology, one in computational neuroscience, and one in neuromorphic VLSI. If you are interested in any of these, email André van Schaik on anschaik.andre at gmail.com.
Enquiries to b.uy at uws.edu.au.
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